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You can of course find your new party dress at Affingos!

You can never get too many stylish party dresses in your wardrobe and it is seldom that you want to wear the same dress twice. That is why we at affingos.com have ensured that party dresses should be affordable, good looking and keep good quality. If you are going to a more formal party and feel uncertain about how to match your partner or how the dress code should be translated into a suitable dress or party dress, we recommend you to check out our blog where we go into more detail on how a woman can match the party garment to the right dress code. You can read more about it on the Blog. At affingos.com you will find a wide range of stylish and festive party dresses, we work with different suppliers from Europe and the goal is of course to be able to have a wide and good range of different types of party dresses.

Party dresses can both have and lack sleeves, it can be short-cut, figure-cut or have a slightly straighter cut but still classed as a party dress. Some like to wear a lot of sequins and others prefer a simpler fabric to their dress. Usually they do not have much pattern in the fabric but are more simple in color.

If you have a sleeveless dress you can match it with a nice blouse or why not a shawl that hides only the shoulders.

With us you will find both short dresses such as knee-length dresses. Match your new party dress with a pair of stylish pumps or high-heeled shoes from our selection of shoes. Why not a really nice cheat coat or a Poncho with chic coat. With us you will also find a wide range of regular Dresses and Long dresses, we also have prom dresses if you are looking for something extra.